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Hello, you've reached Amy Dylandy. I'm busy cooking something up, so leave me a message and I'll do my best to get back to you promptly.

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Hey everyone! How am I doing as Aila/Amy? Any comments? Criticisms? Ways I can improve?

Let me know!

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Name: Amy Dylandy (reincarnation)
Age: 17
Appearance: here, Embody system outfit; differences are clothes (varies), brown hair of shorter length.

Application: Here

Occupation: Student, server at family bar, multiple part-time jobs

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OOC Information:
Name: Razorsaw
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: [personal profile] razorsaw, as well as my plurk ([plurk.com profile] razorsaw), AIM (RazorsawTF - note, I need to add you first), and my e-mail (razorsawtf[at]gmail[dot]com)
Current characters in the game: Jasmine Tsukuyomi/Dark Precure

IC Information:
Name: Amy Dylandy (reincarnation); Aila Jyrkiäinen (preincarnation)
Canon and Medium: Gundam Build Fighters
Age: 14 (canon), 17 (re-incarnation)
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: here, Embody system outfit
Any Differences: Different clothes (varies), brown hair, shorter length
Starting Location: Locke City

Preincarnated History: Aila Jyrkiäinen is an orphan from Finland, who had the ability to perceive the flow of the Plavsky Particles that animated Gunpla for battle. When her talent was discovered by a man named Nine Barthes, he recruited her for the Flana incident in order to hone her abilities as the ultimate Gunpla battler. Using the Embody system to heighten her abilities, Aila soared to the top of the World Tournament. Aila, who had no family or home to return to, felt she had no choice but to go along with his designs.

However, after encountering a young man named Reiji, her resolve was shaken, and eventually, he convinced her that she didn't need the Flana Institute or Barthes, and that she could find a place to stay with his friend Sei's family. Aila promptly quit, and stayed with Sei's family until the final battle of the series. Reiji, who was actually from another world called Arian, was forced to return... only for Aila to end up coming with him.

More detailed history @ Gundam wiki.

Reincarnated History: [Note: In this AU, Aila has been reincarnated as the sister of Neil Dylandy ([personal profile] hotshots). This has been discussed with the mun and has gotten his approval. Furthermore, her reincarnated name is "Amy", which is the name of Neil's deceased sister in the original Gundam 00 canon. This is not an effort to imply they are originally the same character, but rather, more of a cosmic joke. The reasons for this are to explore the tension between characters that would come from Amy realizing her own preincarnation history is separate from her brother's, and that she has the name of someone important from his life]

Amy Dylandy was born in 1997 to a family descended from Irish immigrants, and grew up in Locke City. Though she had two older brothers, they were much older than she was, and aside from her early years, neither were around for much of her childhood. As such, Amy was very self-reliant from the word go, and as soon as she was old enough, she began helping in the bar the family owned. Though she kept in contact with both of her brothers, it was always from a distance, and she generally felt as though she didn't truly know them.

In her early teens, Amy developed a love of cooking, and resolved to one day be a chef. As her family had no end of financial trouble trying to keep their bar afloat (due to the encroachment of other, larger businesses), Amy decided that she would do whatever she could not to be a burden upon them. She pushed herself to get the best possible grades, took several part time jobs, and generally worked her ass off while doing everything she could in her spare time to pursue her passions. This left her with very little time for friends, and as always, her parents were the closest people to her. Her brother Neil, who had enlisted in the Army, returned home due to an injury, but Amy still had difficulty relating to him.

When her father passed away, Amy became more dedicated than ever to succeed. Though she knew Neil was around, Amy mentally felt as though taking care of her mother was her responsibility. With the last half of her senior year and her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, she applied for an internship on top of her many other responsibilities. It seemed she was on task to grab hold of her own future... when everything changed.

The Wise Snake appeared, and her brother was one of the people who battled it in some kind of machine. Locke changed around her overnight, and Amy... Amy began to experience memories of another life.

First Echo: Aila's first echo was in response to the appearance of the Wise Snake, and effectively came in the form of a memory and bringing something into being. She remembered living on her own in Finland, and watching Gunpla battles going on at battle stations prior to being recruited by Team Nemesis. As Plavsky particles were being generated by battle stations all over the world by this point, this would also cause said particles to manifest in Locke and Las Vegas.

Preincarnation Personality: At first glance, Aila appears to be an example of your typical "mysterious girl" archetype, and to an extent, that would be an accurate assessment. She is clearly cut from the same mold as similar heroines in the Gundam franchise (the first of which being Lalah Sune from Mobile Suit Gundam). However, as we learn more about her, some important distinctions begin to emerge.

One of those ways is that Aila is, like many of the Build Fighters characters, an actual dork, albeit not in the same way as the other characters in the series. When we're first introduced to her, she's skilled at controlling Gunpla, but actually knows very little about the Gundam franchise. No, in a cast full of hobbyists and flat-out Gundam geeks, Aila doesn't develop an actual interest in it until relatively late into the series. No, what Aila is initially interested in is food. Once she comes to the World Tournament, she wastes no time in sampling the local cuisine as much as she can. In short, Aila really loves to eat, and once she gets a hold of something she really enjoys, she explodes into a bubble of absolute happiness.

Additionally, Aila is more overtly emotional than she appears. Though she typically appears stoic to her "co-workers" in Team Nemesis and mild-mannered to everyone else, her interactions with Reiji show that she can sometimes be quick to anger and even childish, and the two often verbally spar with one another. Much like food, Reiji and people like him can awaken other emotional responses in her; for instance, after Sei's father teaches them both how to make their own Gunpla and they battle together, Aila shows enjoyment and pride in her skills as a Gunpla battler for the first time. (She's also totally in love with him, and vehemently denies it and gets easily flustered when the topic is broached.)

That is not to say Aila is completely different from what you might initially expect. She bears the scars of living on the streets and being used by Team Nemesis for so long, and like many people who experience such difficulties, Aila is at first convinced that she has no other choice but to stay on the path she's on, even if it ultimately hurts and saddens her. The last thing she wants is to go back to a life of loneliness and poverty, and it is through that fear that Nine Barthes and the Flana Institute control her.

At some point, this becomes self punishing, and until Reiji convinces her otherwise, she allows herself to endure a great deal of pain. In a way, Aila doesn't really think much of herself or her own self worth until Reiji, in his simple-minded way, shows her it doesn't have to be this way. It is primarily through her interactions with him that Aila learns she can be self reliant, though she's still trying to get a handle on this. Nevertheless, before this, she forced herself to use the Embody system even though it harmed her physically, showing she is self-sacrificing if it involves doing something she feels she needs to do.

When relatively content and not troubled by such things as her past, Aila shows a sweet, mild-mannered side. This is shown in her interactions with Iori Rinko and Kousaka China. She makes fast friends with the latter, and they get along well and without the heated emotion that defines her interactions with Reiji. Inversely, Aila's anger can be great, as shown when she finally tells Barthes to take his job and shove it. Likewise, once she actually learns to appreciate Gunpla battling, she shows a hot-blooded side that rivals even Reiji's. Though she shows a stoic side, this can quickly disappear if someone engages her on a personal level (which the people at the Flana Institute... never really did...)

All this being as it may, Aila is very good at what she does. Part of it is due to the influence of her abilities, but she's a skilled fighter and has a great deal of natural talent and aptitude for control. She's also perceptive, even without the Embody system. However, on the opposite side of the coin, Aila's knowledge of social graces and norms is very limited and she can be very naive. This is shown by her completely taking Reiji at his word when he said she could stay with Sei's family (Reiji hadn't even asked Sei or his mother yet), and her walking around a room in nothing but a towel despite currently sharing it with two boys.

In essence, that's Aila Jyrkiäinen: one part stoic, serious, mysterious waif, two parts enormous closet goober who just wants a stable life to call her own.

Any Differences: The most prominent difference is that Amy does not bear the same burdens as Aila did. Though they were never well off, she had a relatively stable family life and she's never had to go hungry or live on the streets. As such, she doesn't really know what it means to suffer the way Aila did, and as such, isn't as burdened by the sense that a lack of success means going back to a life of destitution. She is driven to succeed, but more out of a sense of self reliance than desperation.

Secondly, while Amy is a somewhat lonely girl, it comes from a different place than Aila did. Despite having multiple family members, she grew up feeling like an only child, and the gulf between her much older brothers led to her only having her parents as a role model. She herself never made time for many friends, always putting her dreams and ambitions ahead of making friends or social interaction. Though she doesn't share Aila's awkwardness in social situations and insists otherwise, she does wish deep down that she had someone to form a connection or friendship with, but she's convinced that securing her future and not being a burden on her family is more important.

In a way, Amy is more serious than Aila initially appears to be; this may be because it's not so much a mask to hide her true feelings. Whereas Aila is not above an ecstatic reaction to good food, Aila's interest is far more subdued. She'd sooner smile quietly over a good meal than rave about it, and she expresses her passion more with heartfelt observations than Aila's more extreme reactions. She does have something of an ego about it, though, and is openly disdainful of eating junk food. Furthermore, she's much more mindful of moderation and not as prone to stuffing her face, and is pretty dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (despite living in a bar).

Finally, there is Amy's ambition. She is very driven, and in a way, her desire to realize her goals through self reliance mirror Aila's self sacrificing nature. Though both she and Aila have difficulties accepting help from others, Aila is more convinced she has no choice but to do things this way while Amy is convinced that not doing it on her own is unfair to those around her. Her dreams are her own dreams... it's not anyone else's responsibility to see them realized but her own.

Abilities: [Headcanon is in italics]As far as natural abilities, Aila is one of the few explicitly superhuman characters in Build Fighters. She has the ability to perceive the flow of Plavsky Particles, and through observing their motion, able to intuitively predict their user's next action. This would, theoretically, extend to being able to observe other forces of power, energy, or various "applied phlebotinum", but to a lower extent than she is able to do with Plavsky particles. Furthermore, while she is NOT any of these herself, her powers are similar enough to abilities such as that of Newtypes, Innovators, X-Rounders, or any other similar being from the Gundam franchise that they might resonate with them to an extent. Furthermore, due to the extent of her abilities, her overall aptitude, and the similarity of Gunpla Battle to actual combat, Aila could easily adapt to using actual machines should she have the opportunity.

This ability is magnified significantly by the Embody system, which increases her abilities from really strong judgement and intuition to near battlefield omniscience. However, the cost is incredible physical strain on her body and mind, which causes her great pain and mental anguish. When Aila is emotional, her synchronicity with Embody drops significantly. This can only be compensated for by turning up the levels on the Embody system, which naturally comes with the aforementioned risks. Nevertheless, her skill is so great, that she was able to defeat a technically superior mobile weapon (a Devil Gundam) with what was basically a cannon fodder mobile suit (a Jegan). The Embody system consists of the suit Aila uses to interface with it, and the actual computer that controls it.

She has three primary Gunpla, which are animated and given the ability to battle by Plavsky particles. The Gunpla is itself controlled by a holographic "cockpit" that is generated by the station that generates said particles, and the Gunpla can only move in side the field generated by said station. However, in that field, the Gunpla behaves as if it were actually a mobile suit, and has directly proportional and capable abilities to its size.

Her first Gunpla was made for her by Team Nemesis: the NMX-004 Qubeley Papillon, which is based on the Quebely of Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. In addition to the standard Mobile Suit abilities of flight and locomotion, it has several unique armaments. The first is its Lancer Bit, which is a lance that is capable of being used as a personal weapon or controlled remotely. The second is the use of Funnels, remotely controlled and self propelled flying cannons. While at least forty normal versions of these funnels are stored in the Quebely Papillon's tail binder, the shoulders of the unit conceal clear funnels, which are made of clear plastic and are thus effectively invisible when the unit is animated by Plavsky particles. Finally, the arms of Papillon conceal Beam Sabers, which can also function as Beam Guns when not in use.

Additionally, the unit was temporarily armed with a weapon called the Shield Nippers during a round of the World Tournament. This shield had a lower half reminiscent of hobby cutters, and have a rocket on each blade.

Aila's second Gunpla is the SDV-04 Command Gundam. It is a straight build, with no customization whatsoever, and thus, its battle capabilities and overall specs are not as high, though this is mitigated somewhat by Aila's abilities. Though it is an SD Gundam and thus appears rather... odd, it is still quite heavily armed, including a Heavy Weapons System that includes a four pod missile launcher, a smoke discharger, a beam machine-gun, and a mega bazooka launcher. These can all be cast off to afford faster movement, though in this state, its only weapon is its "Command Knife".

Aila's third and final Gunpla is the one she customized herself with the help of China, the AC-01 Miss Sazabi. Based on the infamous Char Aznable's mobile suit from Char's Counterattack, the Miss Sazabi has a more feminine appearance and greater mobility than its counterpart while not sacrificing thrust or power. Like the Qubely Papillon, it still retains the use of funnels, though it no longer uses clear ones. Its foot guards conceal Beam Saber emitters, allowing her to generate a blade on each foot. The Miss Sazabi's primary weapon, however, is the Sweet Sword, a combination beam gun and saber from which a blade can be extended horizontally from the weapon's grip. Her right arm is equipped with the Sweet Shield, which provides defense and conceals a beam saber. There are also two normal beam sabers stored in the arms, and like the original Sazabi, she is capable of firing a beam from a waist-mounted cannon.

In the past, Aila has piloted both a Qubely Mass Production Type and a Jegan. The former's abilities are lesser than that of the Papillon, and lacks its unique armaments, instead relying on a back-mounted cannon and a beam gun/saber stored in the arms. It is also slower. The Jegan, meanwhile, is a standard "grunt" suit, equipped with a beam saber, a grenade rack, a shield that can fire low-powered missiles, a beam rifleand head-mounted vulcans.

Finally, we come to Aila's Arista crystal. A solidified version of the Plavsky particles, it glows when resonating with other crystals of the same type as well as standard Plavsky particles. It has the ability to "grant" a wish, but this is nebulously defined. As such, I will attempt to narrow them down for the purposes of this roleplay while remaining consistent with what the crystal does in the show. One, it can generate low levels of plavsky particles. Two, it can connect Aila mentally with another holder of an Arista, allowing her to communicate with them telepathically. Finally, it shows the ability to pull people across time and space, but only towards someone else who holds an Arista themselves. Furthermore, this is only one way, and you can't use it to go back where you came from. As these last two rely on qualifications that are incredibly narrow and rely on someone else having one, it is likely it won't have much use beyond interactions with a very small group of people... provided they app at all.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3 (multiple threads)
Sample 4

Roleplay Sample - Network: [Text]

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Amy Dylandy. I believe some of you might already be familiar with my brother, Neil.

I'm still not sure what all to make of this, but I figure it's best if I at least keep tabs on all that's going on. I have a lot of questions that need answers, about myself... and what's happening to the people around me. But I guess that depends on communication, doesn't it?

Anyway, I don't like to beat around the bush. I already know all about that snake, or at least whatever was said on the news. I want to figure out what this is all about, but I don't want it to affect my life too much, so I'd appreciate anyone who doesn't want to be difficult telling me whatever they know.

Whatever information you can give me on those "Gundam" things would be helpful too. I definitely know there's more to those than what was on the news or whatever else I've been told. I'm pretty sure it applies to only one particular kind of robot that showed up, right?

Any Questions? N/A


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